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Take the challenge, prove your pace, become a Polish Champion

The 2019 Polish Rallycross Championship sporting regulations have been approved by the Polish motorsport federation. This means that changes and new ideas announced by the organisers came into force. From now on the Polish Rallycross Championship is open for foreign competitors, who hold a valid licence issued by EU-based ASN. This is one of the most significant changes, since drivers from other countries can score points and fight for the championship titles in Poland.

LINK: documents and entries – all you need to enter Polish Rallycross Championship

The changes have not been made without a reason. The goal was to encourage even more drivers to compete in the major Polish rallycross series and to make the action at the track even more thrilling for the fans. The English version of the regulations shall be available in two weeks.

SuperCars Light: affordable 4×4 competition

2019 will be the very first season for a brand new SuperCars Light class. This category is supposed to be a significantly cheaper way to compete behind the wheel of 4×4 car, like former N-group rally cars (i.e. Mitsubishi Lancer and Subaru Impreza). In order to keep costs at reasonable level there are some technical restrictions. First of all, it is not allowed to use WRX supercars like Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 206 or Volkswagen Polo. Cars must not be equipped with sequential gearboxes, while dog box is permitted. What is more turbo restrictor needs to be fitted on the turbocharger’s air intake. Maximum permitted diameter is 33 mm. The competitors are free to use any tyres they want. All in all, this is a perfect category for teams and drivers who have cars like Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza or Proto cars. This is also a chance for drivers, who want to compete in 4×4 car, but cannot afford to run ex-factory or ex-WRX machinery.

Even number of points to score in every round

Just like in 2018 there will be 7 rounds, but only 6 best results count toward season classification. In 2019 season no points will be given for semi-final races. This means that the maximum number of points to score in one round will not depend on the number of competitors entered in certain class and the fact if semi-finals were run. Ladies classification is another idea introduced this year. Three top female drivers in every class will get the trophy at the end of the season. It is worth mentioning that entry fee is at the same level as it was in 2018 season.

Championship open for EU-competitors

Drivers with licences issued by one of the EU ASNs will be eligible not only to compete in the Polish Rallycross Championship, but also to score the points and fight for the titles.

No joker in the first lap

This is an idea taken from Nordic-RX series. In 2019 season drivers must not go to the joker section during the first lap of the race. This regulation shall provide even more action at the beginning of every heat. In the SuperNational group there will be separate heats in semi-finals and finals for drivers from SN -1600, SN -2000 and SN +2000 category.

About the Polish Rallycross Championship (MPRC)


  • SuperCars: 4×4, turbocharged engines up to 2058 cm3 (petrol) or 2333 cm3 (diesel)
  • SuperCars Light: 4×4, turbocharged engines with 33 mm turbo restrictor, no sequential gearbox
  • SuperNational: 2WD cars, 3 sub-categories – up to 1600 cm3, from 1600 up to 2000 cm3 and Open – from 2000 cm3 up to 5000 cm3
  • RWD Cup: one make class for BMW e36 drivers. Maximum engine displacement is 2000 cm3. Body styles permitted: coupe, sedan, estate. One size and model of tyre for every competitor (ZEETEX ZT1000, 195/65 R15)
  • SC Cup: one make class for Fiat Seicento drivers. Maximum engine displacement is 1108 cm3. One size and two models of tyres available: 155/65 R13 Kormoran Impulser B2 or 155/65 R13 ZEETEX ZT1000.


Round schedule:


  • Free practice
  • Q1 and Q2


  • Free practice
  • Q3 and Q4
  • Semi finals
  • Finals


Scoring system

Qualifying: 16, 15, 14, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 i 1 pts.
Finals: 8, 5, 4, 3, 2 i 1



  • 6-7 April – Autodrom Słomczyn (MPRC)
  • 27-28 April – Motopark Toruń (MPRC + FIA CEZ)
  • 25-26 May – Autodrom Słomczyn (MPRC + FIA CEZ)
  • 22-23 June – Motopark Toruń (MPRC)
  • 27-28 July – Vilkyciai Rallycross (MPRC + LASF)
  • 7-8 September – Autodrom Słomczyn (MPRC)
  • 5-6 October – Motopark Toruń (MPRC)


Tracks locations

MPRC rounds are held at two tracks in Poland and one in Lithuania. Polish tracks are conveniently located nearby Warsaw and S7 expressway (Autodrom Slomczyn) and in city of Torun, which is just a few kilometres away from A1 motorway, about 150 kilometres from Gdansk airport and no more than 50 kilometres from Bydgoszcz airport. The Lithuanian Vilkyciai track is located about 30 kilometres from Klajpeda – the second largest city in this country. The Palanga airport is located about 60 kilometres from the track.

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